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We regularly offer events for Members and their guests.  Those venues afford opportunities to expand relationships with Hawk100 and to engage with other Members. 

From time to time, a Hawk100 wealth advisor may present at events hosted by other organizations. Our president speaks to global audiences on matters of finance, wealth management, and leadership. 

Events help make Hawk100 membership educational as well as enjoyable.

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Hawk100 and its wealth advisors have established reputations as reliable sources of content for media professionals. 

Occasionally, we are cited in news stories or have written content which appears in public media.  Look here for a recap of articles where we appear.

As a dynamic, growing organization, Hawk100 makes its own newsworthy accomplishments from time to time.  You may also find an archive of those stories on this page.

  • Continuing Education for 15 Years
    Thursday July 05, 2018

    Hawk100 promotes education of its professionals, its clients, and its community.  Richard Clemens, President, has voluntarily completed the annual continuing education program through CFA Institute for 15 consecutive years. View Badge

  • Firm Brochure
    Wednesday March 07, 2018

    Hawk100 has filed its Annual Updating Amendment to Form ADV, investment adviser registration, and makes its Firm Brochure available on our Educational Materials page.

  • Updated Firm Brochures
    Monday March 14, 2016

    Hawk100 has filed its annual update to Form ADV Investment Adviser Registration and makes its Firm Brochures available on our Educational Materials page.
    Hawk100 Educational Materials

  • Chartered Advisor in Philanthropy
    Tuesday May 26, 2015

    Richard Clemens, Hawk100 President, has commenced the Chartered Advisor in Philanthropy designation program through The American College.
    The American College

  • Clemens Appointed to Finance Committee.
    Monday September 22, 2014

    Richard Clemens, Hawk100 President, has accepted an appointment to the St. Brigid of Kildare Finance Committee.  St. Brigid Parish has over 3000 families and 12,000 parishioners.

  • Hawk100 to Sponsor Clemens Cycle for Cancer Route
    Tuesday June 10, 2014

    Hawk100 has again pledged to support Clemens Cycle for Cancer.  The 2014 charity event features the Hawk100K, a 62-mile challenging bike tour of southwest Ohio.  Visit for more information.

  • 401k Profit Sharing Plan
    Thursday December 19, 2013

    Hawk100 helps a new client member adopt and implement a 401k profit sharing plan.

    Hawk100 offers membership benefits to all of its institutional members.

  • Clemens Cycle for Cancer.
    Saturday June 15, 2013

    To help improve lives for cancer patients and their families, 230 cyclists pedaled up to 100 kilometers in the 2013 Clemens Cycle for Cancer.

    Hundreds of cyclists, volunteers, and supporters gathered at Miami Valley Hospital South in Centerville, Ohio. 

    Rick Clemens, president of event sponsor Hawk100 who in 2003 founded the event named for his late parents, delivered inspirational words before riders set off for routes of various distances from 6 to 62 miles.

    "By riding with Clemens Cycle for Cancer today, you are a hero.  You inspire cancer patients to fight for renewal in their lives," Clemens told the audience to start the event.

    Michelle Kingsfield, a cancer survivor who works as community relations director at Miami Valley Hospital South, shared her perspective of how Clemens Cycle for Cancer touches patients and enables healthcare providers to deliver needed services into their communities. 

    Cyclists then biked their way from Centerville along their choice of rural routes of either 6, 25, 40, or 62 miles.  Route sponsor Hawk100 describes the longest route, equivalent to 100 kilometers as "The Hawk100 K."

    "We design the longest route to challenge seasoned cyclists with steep hills that remind riders of the climbs that cancer patients endure," said Clemens.

    All event proceeds support cancer patients and families receiving care at the Comprehensive Cancer Center at Miami Valley Hospital South.

    Hawk100 was joined by Boost Rewards and Kingston of Miamisburg as event sponsors. 

  • 2012Q4 HawkLetter Published
    Tuesday March 19, 2013

    Hawk100 has published its latest quarterly letter to members at

  • CFA Columbus 50th Anniversary
    Friday January 25, 2013

    Hawk100 president, Richard Clemens, appeared in a video tribute to 50 years of CFA Society of Columbus as leader of the central Ohio investment profession. (CFAColumbus

  • Hawk100 on the Radio
    Friday June 08, 2012

    The Morning Show on Dayton radio station, Mix 107.7, interviewed Richard Clemens to discuss Clemens Cycle for Cancer which he founded in 2003.

  • Centerville Reports.
    Thursday June 07, 2012

    Richard Clemens appeared on Centerville Reports by Miami Valley Communications Council.  Hawk100's president discussed Clemens Cycle for Cancer which he founded in 2003. (Watch the interview)

  • CGMA
    Thursday March 01, 2012

    Hawk100 President, Richard Clemens, has earned the right to use the Chartered Global Management Accountant (CGMA) designation.

    (click for more information)

  • Hawk100 ADV and Brochures
    Thursday March 01, 2012

    Hawk100 has filed its Form ADV annual updating amendment and brochures.  These are available through our Educational Materials or through the SEC's public disclosure site.

  • HawkLetter
    Tuesday February 07, 2012

    Hawk100 has made available its fourth quarter 2011 HawkLetter publication. (

  • CPA
    Sunday January 01, 2012

    Hawk100 President, Richard Clemens, CFA CPA, renewed his license as a practicing CPA in Ohio.

  • HawkTalon Issue
    Thursday December 01, 2011

    Hawk100 published its latest HawkTalon monthly insights.  Read "Lessons to Take to Heart." and "Sing Time." under Insights/HawkTalon.

  • HawkTalon issue
    Thursday November 03, 2011

    Hawk100 published its latest HawkTalon monthly insights.  Read "Stocks Bounce Back." and "Greece is Slippery." under Insights/HawkTalon.

  • Hawk100 publishes Wealth Alignment Reports
    Friday October 14, 2011

    Hawk100 completed distribution of quarterly Wealth Alignment Reports to Hawk100 members.  Hawk100 offers members the choice to receive their reporting electronically, by traditional mail, or both.

  • Hawk100 upgrades its website.
    Wednesday September 14, 2011

    Hawk100's new web site goes live thanks to m2 marketing. We are delighted to improve our service capabilities.

  • Columbus Business First
    Friday September 09, 2011

    Hawk100 President, Richard Clemens, CFA, was quoted by Dan Eaton in "9/11 aftershocks reverberating decade later" (Columbus Business First).

  • HawkTalon issue
    Thursday September 01, 2011

    Hawk100 has published its latest HawkTalon looking back at 40 years since the US broke the Bretton Woods gold standard. Click here to read more.

  • New Member accounts
    Wednesday August 31, 2011

    Hawk100 added two new member accounts during the month of August 2011.

  • Hawk100 member retires.
    Friday June 24, 2011

    Hawk100 has helped a member accomplish his aspiration to retire effective June 24.  Congratulations!


HawkTalon is a monthly newsletter from Hawk100 to recap the month that was and to provide perspective on how recent events or conditions might impact the alignment of your wealth and your life.

To receive timely announcements of future HawkTalon issues and other insights from Hawk100, please subscribe.

  • January 2016: Another January Blizzard

    Equity markets started 2016 with sharp declines. By January 20, the S&P500 already fell 9% for the year. Then, a blizzard smacked the US eastern seaboard during the last weekend of January. A week later, the Bureau of Economic Analysis said the US economy grew just 0.17% during the 4th quarter. Stocks rebounded to cut January losses to 5.1%.

    Read More »
  • December 2015: After liftoff, US Federal Reserve weighs next move

    As expected on December 16, the US Federal Reserve raised key interest rates for the first time since June 2006.  The move took the Fed funds target rate above zero for the first time since December 2008.  The financial media has named the Fed’s move to rates above zero as “liftoff.” 

    Read More »
  • November 2015: To #DIV/0! And Beyond!

    In the original Pixar blockbuster, Toy Story, Buzz Lightyear famously boasts limitless capability “to infinity and beyond.” Learning his limits bruises Buzz’s ego. The Federal Reserve’s Federal Open Markets Committee (FOMC) may continue to boast zero-rates to infinity or test whether egos can bear a pragmatic rate hike.

    Read More »
  • October 2015: Hunt for Black October.

    The S&P 500 Index of large cap domestic stocks rose 8.4% during October. That one-month mark ranked in the top 5% of all months since 1924 and was the seventh best October ever. It was also the best month since October 2011 which posted 10.9%.

    Read More »
  • September 2015: The Federal Reserve and the Newest Normal Monetary

    Before its widely watched meeting September 17, the Federal Reserve had hinted that it would raise rates through what it called “The New Normal Monetary Policy.”  By maintaining near-zero rates the FOMC seems to have lost a reasonable view as to what is “normal.”


    Read More »
  • August 2015: Dog Days of Summer Take a Bite.

    Instead of epic battles like that between Hector and Achilles, contemporary fights occur in financial markets between buyers and sellers.  Usually, those fights are peaceful during summer vacations, but these Dog Days of Summer have been an outright dog fight

    Read More »
  • July 2014: Happy Days Return with Latest GDP Report.

    BEA finds at least three things to be happy about in its GDP report:
    1. Second quarter GDP rose 4.0%.
    2. The first quarter slide was better than previously estimated.
    3. Annual revisions shift growth into current periods.

    Read More »
  • June 2014: Economic Contraction.

    On June 25, the US Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA) reported that Gross Domestic Product (GDP) shrunk at an annual rate of 2.9% during the first quarter in real terms.  The US economy appears unable to find an elixir from a hangover that has lingered since the dot-com bubble burst in 2000.

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  • May 2013: Adding Intellect to the Economy.

    In March, the US Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA) changed how it defines and presents the national income and product accounts (NIPA), such as Gross Domestic Product (GDP)—the standard measure of economies—to reflect “intellectual property products.“

    Read More »
  • April 2013: Your Rights as an Investor.

    The enduring legacy of the financial crisis is that trust has been
    damaged.  Trust is difficult for professionals to earn and investors are understandably hesitant to entrust others. To repair the damage and to restore trust, CFA Institute organized the “Future of Finance” project that creates positive changes with Hawk100 support.

    Hawk100 advises investors that they are entitled to expect ethical conduct from financial service providers.

    Read More »
  • February 2013: Taxpayers Win A Budget Battle.

    The US faces gigantic fiscal imbalances, and major political parties insist on very different tracks to address the imbalances.  Generally, Democrats seek more taxes above the “permanent” tax rates just enacted January 1 while Republicans desire spending cuts.  As neither party could agree on how to avoid automatic spending cuts, sequestration will take effect March 1, 2013, to taxpayers benefit.

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  • January 2013: Plop, plop. Fizz, fizz. Oh, what a relief it is!

    American taxpayers suffering a new year’s hangover got a dose of relief from their fiscal cliff aches and pains.  On January 1, Congress passed The Taxpayer Relief Act of 2012 to substantially reduce tax-related risks associated with the fiscal cliff.  Still, the Act does raise rates on some taxpayers and potentially on your portfolio.

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  • November 2011: Lessons to Take to Heart.

    Each December, Columbus Business First, a publication of American City Business Journals, Inc., publishes a “Book of Lists” to rank businesses along many lines of distinction.  One list ranks large publicly-traded companies.  The 2010 list showed thirty-three companies from Cardinal Health ($99.5 billion revenue) to SCI Engineered Materials ($8 million).  To measure investment performance of companies appearing on the list, Hawk100 constructed hypothetical portfolios reflecting thirty or those companies from the 2010 list. 

    Read More »
  • October 2011: Stocks Bounce Back

    I recently mused that that investors may be tempted to trade “blocks of stocks for a box of rocks.”  Before October, stocks dropped in five consecutive months and just suffered the worst quarterly loss, -13.9%, since 2008. Then October 4, Federal Reserve Chair Bernanke delivered glum comments to Congress’s Joint Economic Committee.

    Read More »
  • September 2011: Eight Quick Concepts.

    Hawk100 members frequently seek our advice on matters beyond their investment portfolios.  Indeed, Hawk100 has spread its advisory wings to entail much more than our traditional role as an investment advisor.  To set members on a course that aligns with their interests, Hawk100 offers eight quick concepts to align your wealth with your life.  Since a hawk uses eight talons to grasp prey, we figured eight HawkTips could help you quickly grasp wealth alignment.

    Read More »
  • August 2011: Act Four, Substandard and Poorer.

    Witness the specter of a super-committee hurriedly assembled to tackle insurmountable debts that accumulated from domestic programs of Presidents Bush and Obama and wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.  Forty years ago, August 1971, President Nixon secretly assembled another super-committee of sort to tackle insurmountable debts that accumulated from the 1960s Great Society and the war in Vietnam.  That super-committee’s decision to abandon the gold standard under the Bretton Woods system set the stage for a five-act, modern tragedy

    Read More »
  • July 2011: Give Me Liberty or Give Me Debt.

    July closes with Congress and President Obama haggling over a crisis in the Federal debt, courtesy of four conditions.  One, federal spending is huge. Two, federal receipts are small.  Three, following from one and two, the federal deficit has accumulated unprecedented debt levels.  Four, US law limits the debt it may issue, and we are above the legal limit.

    Read More »
  • June 2011: One Bad Apple in the Bunch.

    One rotten apple can spoil the bunch. When the apple is a nation and the bunch is an interconnected continent, the adage has far reaching consequences, at least as far as Greece and the European Union.

    Read More »
  • May 2011: Loch Sloy!

    Rather than cling to funds from the IMF or central banks for their rescue, companies and nations should wisely heed the words of “Loch Sloy!” by poet Dottie Walters. “Whenever trouble hits ye, let it roll past til it’s fled. Then rise and knock ye’r dust off. ‘Springtime’s comin!’ Just Ahead!” According to the poem, Loch Sloy, the Scottish battle cry means Spring is coming and hope for better days.

    Read More »
  • April 2011: No free lunch.

    Standard and Poor’s warned on April 18 that it revised its outlook on the US to negative. S&P cited an unclear path to resolving “very large budget deficits and rising government indebtedness” to justify its sovereign outlook for the US. Despite Harry Markowitz, of modern portfolio theory fame, neither the risk-free asset nor free lunch exist.

    Read More »
  • March 2011: Wave crashes on Japanese stocks.

    The March 11 earthquake centered just off Japan’s coastline and tsunami that followed wrecked much of Japan’s northeast Pacific coastline.  Continuous news falls short of fully portraying the tragic loss of life and property. The crisis now radiating from the Fukushimi Daiichi nuclear power plant complicates an already stressful moment under the rising sun. We are witnessing the best of Japanese spirit while its people endure tragedy with honor, respect, and pragmatic diligence, as anyone familiar with Japan would expect. Hawk100 sends its thoughts, prayers, and charity to families and friends in Japan.

    Read More »
  • January 2011: Buenos dineros persiguiendo mal.

    While visiting Uruguay and Argentina, with a stop in Chile in transit, my observation is that Latin America earns its reputation as a place that attracts then squanders foreign capital investment. Various barrio neighborhoods of modern day Buenos Aires display wealth like the tides. Rising on foreign investment; falling on government expropriation.

    Read More »
  • December 2010: Two more years! Two more years!

    Promotion of the recent tax act reminds Hawk100 of the cheer commonly heard from faithful followers of whatever political party holds power. Obama and democrats appeared uncomfortable while cheering for two more years of previously derided “Bush tax cuts.” Hawk100 applauds their recognition, at last, that potential tax hikes limit economic activity and that preserving lower rates while clarifying rules (at least through 2012) helps  stabilize a frail economy. Now that both parties own prevailing policy, let’s hope Beltway insiders stop deriding “failed Bush policies of tax cuts for the rich.”

    Read More »
  • November 2010: Bernanke Is Living The Dream.

    Read More »
  • October 2010: Do elections lead markets?

    Read More »
  • September 2010: Should 5% appear too small.

    Read More »
  • August 2010: Banking on Income Irregularities.

    Read More »
  • June 2010: Frankly, Dodd-Frank is a Zero.

    Read More »
  • May 2010: Herd Mentality

    Read More »
  • April 2010: Greece is Nothing.

    Read More »
  • March 2010: Its the Economy Stupid.

    Read More »
  • February 2010: Why Chile is Not Haiti.

    Read More »
  • January 2010: Derivatives Explained.

    Read More »
  • December 2009: Lost Decadence.

    Read More »
  • November 2009: Falling Walls and Economic Tides.

    Read More »
  • October 2009: Protecting Your Name.

    Read More »
  • September 2009: A Third IRS Option for Swiss Accounts

    Read More »
  • August 2009: September, Redux.

    Read More »
  • July 2009: The Purpose Driven Portfolio.

    Read More »
  • June 2009: End of Life Issues.

    Read More »
  • May 2009: Auto Bankruptcy Redux.

    Read More »
  • April 2009: To Solve a Crisis, Go to Disney World!

    Read More »
  • February 2009: Why, Oh Why, Dubai?

    Read More »
  • January 2009: Your Wealth. Your Life. Aligned.

    Read More »
  • June 2006: Buying Blue Chips

    Read More »
  • June 2006: Lessons from a Global Conference

    Read More »
  • April 2006: Inverted Yield Curve

    Read More »
  • December 2005: Industry Sector Strategy

    Read More »
  • October 2005: Equity Values Attractive

    Read More »
  • October 2005: New Leadership at the Federal Reserve

    Read More »

Four times per year, Hawk100 publishes a letter that reflects on what has happened over the last three months and looks forward to see how those events or trends might impact the alignment of wealth with life for our members during the upcoming quarter and beyond.

To receive timely announcements of future issues of our quarterly HawkLetter and other insights from Hawk100, please subscribe.

  • Third Quarter 2015

    We continue to journey around Your Wealth Alignment Plan this quarter with a focus on your way to wealth. In our wealth advisory experience, we have come to know that all purported pathways to wealth can be simplified into four ways. You may earn wealth, save wealth, receive wealth, and earn a prudent return on your wealth

    Read More »
  • Second Quarter 2015

    While Commodities, China, and Greece set the stage for investments during the second quarter, Hawk100 introduced a new illustration to Your Wealth Alignment Plan, redefined Your Wealth Alignment Plan, your way, and redesigned Your Wealth Alignment Report for its members.

    Read More »
  • First Quarter 2015

    Hawk100 is pleased to present your Wealth Alignment Report for the first quarter of 2015.  We hope you find this letter to be a valuable complement to your report.  See how the US dollar bucked the trends during the quarter.

    Read More »
  • Fourth Quarter 2014

    Hawk100 implemented a dynamic investment strategy during 2014.  That strategy is dynamic because it can be responsive to changing client circumstances as well as shifting financial market conditions that affect our expectations around investment risk and reward.  We consider the major themes underlying our investment processes during 2014 and develop an understanding of how economic and market conditions affected your portfolio.

    Read More »
  • Fourth Quarter 2013

    The financial market returns of 2013 surprised us.  We revisit the state of financial markets at the start of 2013 and evaluate how some expectations did occur but failed to be realized in investment results.

    Read More »
  • Fourth Quarter 2012

    Hawk100 warmly extends its wishes to you and your family for health, home and happiness during 2013. We begin our portfolio review this quarter with an update to our prior letter which discussed the “fiscal cliff” with particular focus on the potential tax ramifications for your portfolio.

    Read More »
  • Third Quarter 2012

    Stark challenges face Washington, DC, locales, and nations abroad.  Spendthrift fiscal and monetary policies have amassed huge encumbrances upon citizens.  Those encumbrances introduce present, short-term, and long-term ramifications.  Together, let’s peer over the edge of the “fiscal cliff” and take in the view of the potential impact on your portfolio. 

    Read More »
  • Second Quarter 2012

    For this edition of your quarterly letter, I’ll step through a prudent mid-year portfolio review.

    Hawk100 has a well-defined approach to help you align your wealth with your life.  Your Wealth Alignment Plan documents that approach and establishes regular portfolio reviews including these quarterly reports.  We hope you find this process valuable, and we always welcome your comments and concerns which help us objectively and continuously improve our wealth advisory practice for your benefit.

    Read More »
  • First Quarter 2012

    Hawk100 assembled recent quotes from a variety of investment industry leaders to frame the quarter.  Then, it colored the picture with its own interpretation of their comments.

    Read More »
  • Fourth Quarter 2011

    Your Hawk100 wealth advisor wishes you and your family a blessed, prosperous, healthy, and happy 2012.  Last year was interesting for financial markets.  We witnessed unexpected leadership changes for a string of nations, and we watched events unfold with significant financial impact.

    Read More »
  • Third Quarter 2011

    Events people choose to shape their views reflect perspective, which is framed by their position from where they witness the events and opinions that existed before events occur.

    I reserve this letter for two matters that I consider relevant to aligning wealth with life.  Primarily relevant is the retirement, then death while I compose this letter for you, of the iconoclastic Apple CEO, Steve Jobs.  Secondarily, I join the fray of discussion among my peers who have suggested that the third quarters of 2011 and 2008 are uncomfortably similar.

    Read More »
  • Second Quarter 2011

    With this letter, we hope to bring clarity to the risk associated with the U.S. debt limit.  We then challenge a few basic financial assumptions:
    (1) currency is a store of value;
    (2) US Treasuries offer a risk free investment; and
    (3) diversification improves investment results.

    Read More »
  • First Quarter 2009

    Read More »
  • Second Quarter 2009

    Read More »
  • Third Quarter 2009

    Read More »
  • Fourth Quarter 2009

    Read More »
  • First Quarter 2010

    Read More »
  • Second Quarter 2010

    Read More »
  • Third Quarter 2010

    Read More »
  • Fourth Quarter 2010

    Read More »
  • First Quarter 2011

    In a constant pursuit of improving our investment processes and practices, I recently read several books of topical interest to investment professionals and probable appeal to you. Before discussing your Wealth Alignment Report, I’d like to take a moment to review a few key points from The Investment Answer by Daniel Goldie, CFA CFP, and Gordon Murray; The Essays of Warren Buffett: Lessons for Corporate America, selected and arranged by Lawrence Cunningham; and Benjamin Graham’s definitive, The Intelligent Investor.

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Educational Materials

As we serve and educate our members in a variety of settings, we often create educational materials that may be of value to all of our members.

We house selected educational materials here so you may access the presentations where appropriate.

To request an educational seminar or presentation by a Hawk100 wealth advisor, please subscribe or call 614.791.HAWK.

A Global View

Hawk100 hosted a Midwinter Member Guest event featuring Daniel Meader, CFA, Vice Chairman for CFA Institute the global association of investment professionals who presented a global view.

Read More »

Avoid Common Investor Mistakes.

Read More »

Selecting HawkNest or HawkHunt

Read More »

Aligning Your Investment Options in Volatile Marke

Read More »

Presidents Council Representative Comments

Read More »

CFA Iowa Presentation

Read More »

Speaker Remarks to Clemens Cycle for Cancer

On June 18, 2011 in Centerville, Ohio, Hawk100 President and Clemens Cycle for Cancer Founder, Richard Clemens, CFA, gave an emotional speech to nearly two hundred cyclists and dozens of volunteers and supporters of Clemens Cycle for Cancer. This annual event improves lives of cancer patients and their families who receive care and treatment at Miami Valley Hospital. Mr. Clemens shared his emotional remarks.

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Analysis Applications and Techniques

Hawk100’s Richard Clemens, an adjunct faculty for Ohio University's Master of Financial Economics, instructs financial analysis techniques.

Read More »


Hawks use the tips of eight talons to grasp things.  Hawk100 offers eight concepts to quickly grasp and to help you align your wealth with your life.

Read More »

US Personal Savings Rates

Hawk100 recommends strategically setting an objective saving rate that aligns your wealth with your life purpose, values, aspirations, and goals.

Hawk100 shares this chart of historical personal savings rates in the US.

Read More »

Tenth Clemens Cycle for Cancer

June 16, 2012, Richard Clemens, Hawk100 president, gave opening remarks to hundreds of cyclists riding the Tenth Clemens Cycle for Cancer in Centerville, Ohio.  As Clemens Cycle for Cancer, founder Mr. Clemens put numbers to heroism and inspiration.  The event improves lives of cancer patients and their families who receive care at Miami Valley Hospital.  Here, Mr. Clemens shares his comments.

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GIPS Handbook

CFA Institute has published its 3rd edition GIPS Handbook to provide guidance for implementation of performance repotring standards. (GIPS Handbook)

Read More »

American Taxpayer Relief Act

To avoid the most damaging aspects of the "fiscal cliff," Congress hurriedly assembled The American Taxpayer Relief Act of 2012.  Hawk100 summarizes key aspects of the Act.

Read More »

American Taxpayer Relief Act of 2012

On January 1, 2013, Congress passed The American Taxpayer Relief Act of 2012 which affected millions of individual taxpayers in the U.S.  This video brielfy explains the Act. (ForefieldAdvisor)

Read More »

Statement of Investor Rights

CFA Institute has published a Statement of Investor Rights to advise buyers of financial services what they should expect from financial professionals.

Read More »

Social Security Planning Guide

The Social Security Administration has prepared a helpful guide to inform decisions about retirement including Social Security benefits.  (Social Security Administration)

Read More »

AICPA College Savings Mobilization Kit

The AICPA has prepared a toolkit to to Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) including tips for getting the most from FAFSA.

Read More »

Student Presentation

Hawk100 recommends that graduating students take initial steps to align their wealth with their life.

Read More »

Ohio State

Hawk100 President, Richard Clemens, spoke to students at The Ohio State University Fisher College of Business.

Read More »

Hawk100 Brochure

Hawk100 has filed its Annual Updating Amendment to Form ADV, investment adviser registration, and makes its Firm Brochure available on our ShareFile portal.

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