Company Overview
Company Overview

Hawk100, an independent registered investment adviser, was founded in 2004 by Richard Clemens, CFA CPA, in order to provide personalized wealth advice that aligns with the unique interests of each of its 100 exclusive members.

Because we believe that each of our members deserves a level of service that extends beyond traditional wealth advice, we strive to offer a membership experience that is both personally and financially rewarding.

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The Hawk100 Team

The Hawk100 team represents a collaborative array of personal, financial, business, wealth, and legal expertise, and is dedicated to designing and executing personalized wealth strategies that uniquely align with the life of each member.

Each professional adheres to the highest standards of ethics and professional conduct and is dedicated to always aligning their interests for the betterment of our members.

Hawk100 has selectively chosen a team of competent, careful, and charitable professionals who are committed to the design and execution of a custom Wealth Alignment PlanSM for each member, incorporating individual tactics that foster that member's specific purpose, values, aspirations, and goals.

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Richard Clemens, CFA CPA


Richard brings over two decades experience to help individuals, families, and organizations align wealth with life.

Richard presides over Hawk100, a Dublin, Ohio based independent registered investment adviser.


Richard has held principal, executive and management roles for multiple investment advisers, mutual funds, and financial service firms since beginning his career in public accountancy.  One of Richard's former firms was recognized among the fastest growing investment adviser firms nationally while he was its principal and chief investment officer. 

Richard has regularly spoken to global audiences on matters of finance, wealth management, and leadership.  Richard has advanced the investment profession as Ohio University adjunct faculty member, CFA Institute Presidents Council Representative, President and Board Chair of CFA Society of Columbus, and senior faculty member for Becker Professional Review.  He has won awards for teaching excellence, professional leadership, and community benevolence.

Richard holds the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) charter and is licensed in Ohio as a Certified Public Accountant (CPA), Investment Adviser Representative and Life and Health Insurance Agent. He maintains membership with CFA Institute, CFA Society of Columbus, AICPA Personal Financial Planning section, and Ohio Society of CPAs.  Richard received a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration in Accounting earning University Honors from The Ohio State University.


Richard adheres to the highest standards of ethics and professional conduct in the investment profession.  As a CFA Charterholder and active CPA, Richard commits to place client Members’ interests first, to maintain his independence and objectivity, and to serve with integrity and honesty.  In matters of client interest, Richard exercises diligence and thoroughness and upholds a fiduciary standard of care.


Richard makes a lifetime commitment to charity.  Richard has been among the foremost volunteer leaders for CFA Institute, the global investment professional association.  He has served a number of leadership roles including president and board chair for CFA Society of Columbus where he was recognized globally for revitalizing a mature Society.  Richard founded Clemens Cycle for Cancer, a Miami Valley Hospital Foundation charitable fund, to advance treatment options for cancer patients and their families.  He serves his local community as ambassador for Dublin Chamber of Commerce, treasurer for Dublin Crew and Cub Scouts, and brother of the Knights of Columbus.

Richard resides in Dublin, Ohio with his wife and three children.

Promise Points

Hawk100 makes five key promises to each of its 100 members.

Our advice and recommendations align with each individual member and his or her personal situation, purpose, values, aspirations, and goals.

As CFA Institute members, your wealth advisors uphold the highest standards of ethics and professional conduct in the investment field.

Hawk100 endeavors to deliver asset returns that best align with each member's Wealth Alignment Plan.SM Contact Hawk100 to learn more about our performance record.

Hawk100 employs risk management techniques designed to protect each member's wealth from expected and unexpected events according to his or her specific human, financial, and permanent capital.

Hawk100 adviser fees are competitive, clear, and controlled. Our team works to mitigate investment costs that can diminish performance.

Our goal is for members to feel confident that their wealth will perform according to plan with increased predictability and reduced risk. Although we cannot guarantee asset returns and investment success, you can be assured that we will work diligently to fulfill our promises.

Membership Philosophy

Hawk100 exists for the sole purpose of aligning the wealth of each of our 100 members with his or her life.

By reserving membership exclusively for 100 individual people, families, or organizations, we preserve the alignment of our interests with those of our members while promoting the highest level of service and attention that each member deserves.

While many advisers attempt to apply turnkey methods intended to squeeze clients into predefined boxes, Hawk100 dedicates its energy to gaining a deeper understanding of each member and developing a unique relationship aligned with that member's objectives.

Only after obtaining this in-depth understanding of an individual member, will we create, recommend, or execute solutions to help a member achieve his or her wealth and life goals.

Wealth Philosophy

To create the cornerstone of all wealth advice for each member, Hawk100 designs a unique portfolio strategy as a part of each member’s Wealth Alignment Plan.SM

This plan serves several unifying purposes.

  • Establish a common understanding and effective communication.
  • Describe investment philosophy and prudent, disciplined, and systematic wealth management practices.
  • Guide the wealth alignment toward the fulfillment of the member's purpose, values, aspirations, and goals.

The wealth of each member will always be 100% aligned with his or her life according to the Wealth Alignment Plan. Hawk100 will dynamically navigate through financial market risks and opportunities and will avoid ad hoc strategies and emotional errors that may occur in the absence of a plan.

When evaluating individual securities, Hawk100 acquires a security if its intrinsic value – the present value of expected future cash flows to the investor -- appears to exceed its prevailing market price. Correspondingly, Hawk100 sells a security when prospects diminish or returns have been realized such that the prevailing price appears to exceed intrinsic value.

Hawk100 exercises discretion to determine effectively diverse asset allocation and locations for each member in consideration of the member's present envisioned life circumstances. By investing predominantly in low-cost, uncorrelated, exchange-traded funds, Hawk100 efficiently achieves asset allocation plans.

Recommended Professionals

Hawk100 has developed a collaborative network of professional service providers which we confidently recommend to our members.

Whether seeking services for yourself, your family, or your business, Hawk100 can assist your search by introducing you to one of our many professional associates.

The following lists a few of the preferred firms with whom we have successfully collaborated. If you are in need of a professional service not listed below, please contact Hawk100, we can serve as your professional concierge who can facilitate establishing a relationship for you and serve as your advocate and confidant through the process.



Hawk100 accepts application from prospective members who may have been referred to a Hawk100 wealth advisor by a person who is neither affiliated with nor employed by Hawk100. 

We call individuals and firms, that desire to seek prospective members for Hawk100 and that meet our standards, "Solicitors."

Before being approved to solicit prospective members, Hawk100 requires Solicitors to complete a Hawk100 Solicitor Application and to enter a Solicitation Agreement with Hawk100.  We only accept Solicitors when we believe their interests align well with members' interests and when they agree to carry themselves with competence, care, and charity.

After Hawk100 receives and accepts a Solicitor, they become eligible to receive direct compensation for client member referrals. Members do not pay additional fees because of any referral arrangement.

To receive a referral fee from Hawk100, Solicitors must comply with the requirements of jurisdictions in which they operate.  At the time of the referral, Solicitors are required to provide each prospective member referred to Hawk100:

  • A copy of our firm brochure, which includes further disclosures of the Solicitor relationship, and
  • The Solicitor's disclosure document.

We also request that Solicitors disclose to prospective members whether they have multiple referral relationships and if so that comparable services may be available from other advisers where fees are lower or the Solicitor's compensation is less favorable.

Furthermore for members introduced to Hawk100 through a financial intermediary, Hawk100 exclusively offers HawkHatchling, SM a distinct service level.  HawkHatchling best serves members who prefer to independently select and design their wealth strategies and seek only to invest in an efficiently diversified, professionally managed portfolio.  Hawk100 does not offer your Wealth Alignment Plan, periodic non-discretionary investment advice, or comprehensive personal financial advice for members selecting HawkHatchling service level.

To express an interest in soliciting prospective members for Hawk100, please complete the following information and Hawk100 will contact you.


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Would you like to apply for Hawk100 membership?

* Hawk100 will keep all of your personal information and responses strictly confidential.

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